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The Tiger II perfectly suits the growing trend in many regions to a slightly wider bias, providing added stability. The Tiger II is a truly mid-biased model, that will suit the player looking for a multi purpose set of bowls.

The Tiger II is a contemporary design of bowl with a gentle and predictable trajectory, it is the widest drawing of the 'narrow' biased bowls currently available. It is highly suited to second’s, thirds and skips as they require a bowl that has a relatively strong finish to draw around short bowls in the head.

A mid bias bowl offering both the experienced and new bowlers alike, the greatest potential range of shots.

  • the Tiger II has a similar shape and trajectory to the Dreamline, however the additional bias provides greater stability in adverse conditions.
  • the most demanded indoor model by elite players in the UK, is now proving the ideal crossover model as a mid- bias outdoor bowl.
  • the ergo profile will maximise comfort and add precision to every delivery

Tiger II the perfect mid-bias bowl – comfortable, predictable and stable.


Tiger II